Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Dishonoured - Ray Harrison

The Story

At Blight's Edge, High Marshal Helbrecht and the Black Templars become embroiled in battle against a deadly foe. Their crusading prowess is tested to the very hilt against the soulless Necrons. Bleeding and beaten, oaths are sworn by Helbrecht and his warriors to avenge their dead and reclaim Blight's Edge from this menace.

Read it Because

It's the story of how High Marshal Helbrecht lost his hand! It's been hinted at in codexes for years – find out the truth behind it for the first time.

ISBN 9781785721793

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Hollow beginnings - Mark Clapham

The Story

For twenty years the ork warboss Stumpgutz has been terrorising the Alixind System. At last an Imperial taskforce has managed to corner him in his lair, a town-sized fortress. As the Astra Militarum close in, the desperate greenskins fight ever harder, and despite the Imperium’s best attempts, casualties mount to unsustainable levels. When a force of Space Wolves arrives and heads straight for the fortress, the soldiers of the Guard are overjoyed. But is the mission of these mysterious warriors the same as their own?

Read it Because

When ordinary humans meet Space Marines, they usually feel a mixture of awe and dread at the superhuman heroes. In this case, the latter might be justified, as the Astra Militarum think the Space Wolves have arrived to save them, but in fact, they might be in much more danger from the sons of Fenris than from the orks they're fighting...

ISBN 9781785721786

Monolith - Chris Downs


The Story

On the world of Ophel Minoris, a warband of Chaos Space Marine Raptors has laid siege to the mysterious Monolith structures that dot the surface. Their purpose is unclear. The local Astra Militarum defenders have been overrun, and their distress call for reinforcements has been answered by Sergeant Zachariah of the Elysian 158th. Doing what they do best, the drop troops under his command will take the fight to the enemy on the ground or in the skies themselves, if needs be...

Read it Because

It's man against twisted, corrupted Space Marine in the heart of a warp-funnelling monolith. A handful of Imperial Guardsmen take on a host of deadly Raptors in a fight to the finish.

ISBN 9781785721779

Monday, 24 August 2015

Yarrick: The Wreckage - David Annandale


The Story

Thrown into battle alongside the charismatic but reckless Captain Marsec, Commissar Yarrick faces a tough decision – to unleash the Emperor's judgement and risk damaging morale, or trust in Marsec's ability to lead. Hunkered down and under fire, the Armageddon Steel Legion that Yarrick accompanies are drawn into a deadly ambush. In seeking refuge, they are victims of another trap and at last Yarrick must consider invoking the ultimate sanction against his wayward captain.

Read it Because

Another tale from the younger days of the Imperium's most famous commissar shows one of his first big decisions – to kill or not to kill? You might think it's an easy answer, but when the head in his crosshairs is an ally, it's anything but simple...

ISBN 9781785721809

Saints testimony - Frank O'Connor

The story revolves around the philosophical and legal debate of Artificial intelligence. If Artificial Intelligence ever can equate to the standard of what a human being is (and that's far from satisfied, so a moot point) then can a machine given A.I. to that level, be given human rights?
A found this an excellent short story that really makes you think about the philosophical and legal ramifications of A.I. and what it actually means in an evolutionary aspect for human beings.
If a machine can think and feel emotion the same as a person, mixed with the capacity of superfast computers, doesn't that A.I. therefore have even more rights than a biologically born human being?
Lots and lots of questions to keep a debate burning as well as being a good read in and of itself.

Thursday, 20 August 2015

The cost of command - Sandy Mitchell

The Story

The Astral Knights can trace their genetic heritage back to the Imperial Fists. They are stubborn and tenacious, but their highly developed sense of honour can lead to friction between battle-brothers. When a mission goes wrong, two Astral Knights decide the only way to settle the matter is to fight a duel – even though Chapter law frowns on this course of action. Can a fight to the death really resolve the question of who was right, as the victor will be exiled from the Chapter in disgrace?

Read it Because

It's two Space Marines coming to blows – and that's not something you see every day. The story contrasts the ebb and flow of their duel with the twists and turns that led to it in a tale that tells you a whole lot about the Astral Knights and their code of honour.

ISBN 9781785721755

A guide to the good life - William B. Irvine

Irvine lays out a plan, a Philosophy of life, how to live the good life. He declares we should keep our practice of Stoicism, as Socrates did, a secret. We should not pursue fame and we should check ourselves on a regular basis for these unnecessary strivings.
Which makes absolutely no sense when the author professes to teach us via writing a book and selling it on Amazon. (Something Socrates never did to my knowledge).
The middle content was not too bad regurgitation of anything you can find from original texts, but the 'teaching you how to be a Stoic' part of it was way too much like a 'sage' looking down on his students and lecturing.
Fair play that Irvine would like to get the word out and encourage more study of Stoicism, and admittedly this may get some raw recruits from those that haven't thought things through, but, you really need to skip the last couple of chapters, that really is a step too far.